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Thank you for your interest in advertsing with Forked Web Tools! This site offers two advertising options. They are :
       160 X 90 buttons for $98.50
       160 X 600 towers for $173.50
Ad runs are for a period of 30 days and can be renewed with just a few clicks. All ad runs have no limit on impressions or click thrus. I work hard to get you the quality traffic you expect for your advertising dollar. Choose an ad size:
       Purchase 160 X 90 Button
       Purchase 160 X 600 Tower
Got A Web Tool? Upload It!!
Scripts may be for the Linux/Unix or Windows operating systems. As you can see, there are 12 scripting languages available to post within. Scripts may be FreeWare, ShareWare or PayWare.
       ShareWare & PayWare costs $19.99 per title, per month
       FreeWare is hosted and distributed free of charge
I collect only the most basic of information, mostly for taxation purposes. Don't worry, taxes are included in all products, should you decide to purchase something. The following options are just a click away:
       Upload FreeWare Title
       Upload Shareware Title
       Upload PayWare Title
I am always open to swapping banners or trading for products or services. I can offer the software listing services and advertising opportunities of this site, the capabilities of which you now know. Do drop me a line at Queries originating in North America will be answered in minutes. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
I do not employ cookies or tracking devices of any kind